The Asian High Points

Χιονίστρα (Όλυμπος, Olimp), 1951 m

Date: October 13, 2013
Duration: 1 h 6'
Running time: 42'
Rest time: 24'
Distance: 2,9 km
Asc. m: 153 m
Desc. m: 111 m
Way up: start of the Artemida's Path (1827 m) - Χιονίστρα (Όλυμπος) (1951 m) [34']
Way down: Χιονίστρα (Όλυμπος) (1951 m) - the parking place (1869 m) [32']

   The top is taken by the British radar station. Strictly forbidden to enter. The highest altitude and the point outside the fence one can reach in order to get the closest to the top lies to its south (1947 m).
    Please keep in mind that the long-distance radar emits a strong electromagnetic signal.

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