The European High Points

Миџор (Midžor), 2169 m

Date: September 17, 2013
Duration: 5 h 20'
Running time: 4 h 03'
Rest time: 1 h 17'
Distance: 18,66 km
Asc. m: 866 m
Desc. m: 854 m
Way up: hotel Babin Zub (1566 m) - Миџор (Midžor) (2169 m) [3 h 36']
Way down: Миџор (Midžor) (2169 m) - hotel Babin Zub (1566 m) [1 h 44']

   Me and A. got lost in the fog like kids. If weather had been good, it wouldn't have taken more than 2 h to reach the top. The distance is ca 16 km both ways.
   The other route starts in Topli Do village, where the time stopped half an age ago or even earlier. The path is unmarked, however. I don't advise going to Topli Do by car unless it's of high clearence, has strong suspension and 4-wheels drive system. The road from Temska village (18 km) is very winding and narrow, and the surface is damaged (bumps, potholes, tattered edge, etc.), high risk of falling stones, loose boughs. It is much better to get to Kalna town and then take a road (in good condition) that leads to Babin Zub garni hotel, located at the foot of the rock of the same name (1757 m).

For inspiration and helpful comments huge thanks to Michał.
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